New updates & improvements to Clarify.

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API v1.1 Release

We are proud to announce that today we release the Clarify API v1.1. This notice is relevant for you if you integrate directly to our HTTP APIs.  Updates to our Python and Go SDKs will arrive later.


Here are the most important changes from the API v1.1beta2 release. For a full list of changes since API v1.0, please see our API release notes.

New clarify.evaluate method

The new method clarify.evaluate allows defining custom aliases for your item aggregations, as well as specifying time-shift (by a number of buckets) and evaluating math expressions similar to those previously exposed through calculated items.

Breaking changes since v1.1beta2

All RPC methods from API v1.1beta2 are available in API v1.1, but there are some minor braking changes. These changes will take effect for you if you do not set the X-API-Version header, or if you  explicitly change the header value from "1.1beta2"  to "1.1".

The parameter groupIncludedByType has been replaced by a new parameter format. This allows standardized formatting options for all methods that return a resource selection. This change is only relevant to SDK/API client developers as the parameter is not intended as an end-user configuration.

Deprecation of API 1.1beta1 and 1.1beta2

API v1.1beta1 and v1.1beta2 should now be considered deprecated and will only receive security updates.

Removal of the API v1.1beta1 and 1.1beta2 versions will be announced in advance, giving  everyone a reasonable amount of time to update.