Transform industrial data into actionable insights

Visualize, analyze & share your industrial data, all in one place. Why? To gain operational insights, measure performance and increase overall productivity.

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Meet Clarify

Integrate, organize, collaborate and visualize industrial data in one tool.

See and act faster

Quickly navigate and visualize hundreds of data signals at the same time without losing overview or performance with our streaming data timeline technology.

Learn and innovate

Tag anyone on your team to start a thread or log incidents, directly in the data timeline. Add media such as images & videos for even more context. Search and view previous activities to avoid solving the same issue twice.

Secure storage & APIs

Our permission system makes sure only you have access to your data. Developer friendly documentation and secure APIs make it easy and secure to work with. Read more

Always at hand

Available in any modern browser on your workstation, tablet or mobile phone. Bring industrial data with you on the go with our native mobile apps.

Did we mention it’s incredibly fast?

Well, it is. Plus some other things:

Always available

As long as you have access to the Internet, you’ll have Clarify in your pocket.

Built to scale

Start with a few signals and scale yourself to success. Large upfront costs kills innovation.


Use our built-in chat for help or follow our guides & developer-friendly documentation.

Fair pricing

Our pricing is based simply on users and signals. Use our transparent pricing to estimate future costs.


Your data is protected with enterprise-grade security. You control the access to relevant data signals.

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Free plan available, no credit card necessary.

Commonly asked questions

What’s included in my free plan?

The free plan includes all the features and performance from the Team plan. These are the only limitations: Maximum of 30 signals, 1 organization, and 3 users.

What happens to my data if I cancel?

If you choose to stop using Clarify you can export all data from your signals. The export can be done by using our APIs to transfer the data to another system. As a safety measure your account and accompanying data will be safely stored and you will be contacted before any data is removed

When should I use Clarify?

Clarify is great when you want to: 1) Integrate time series data across different sources. 2) Expand access to time series data throughout your Organization. 3) Improve operations by giving everyone access to live data from your process. 4) Remove reliance on static reports by moving into timelines with live data. 5) Increase the value of your data any adding context in real time. 6) Reduce the cost of new software initiatives by gathering all your time series data behind a shared, fast and easy to use API

When should I not use Clarify?

Clarify enables organizations to use data in a new way, as a consequence Clarify does not aim to replace other data tools like Dashboards or BI tools. If you are looking for a Business Intelligence Dashboard, a control system dashboard, or an alarm system, consider if you need to add other products that do work in tandem with Clarify. Specifically, Clarify is not great when storing time-series data with a resolution higher than 10Hz, when storing large amounts of documents, images, or streaming video. If you need to control field devices or if you need instant and guaranteed alarms to prevent a meltdown at your nuclear plant, other tools are more suitable.

What happens if I use more or less than initially planned?

Members are only billed if they are active. A member is active when it has logged in at least once during a month. Extra signals can be added or removed at your leisure and are billed at a fixed price per signal. Data storage and transfer is included in the base price. Most use cases will not exceed this capacity. Depending on your use case, you may need more data storage or transfer capacity. We will tell you in advance if you are getting close to the included amount. If you exceed the data capacity the billing will be increased to reflect our server costs. The base price tiers includes a fixed amount of members and signals that is not affected but the active/not-active policy.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact one of us here at Clarify. We are ready to talk to you about industrial data, integrations, best practices or setup a demo.

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Free trial
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