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Export data from Google Sheets to Clarify with this add-on

Clarify add-on for Google Sheets enables simple export of data from Google Sheets to Clarify. The addon can be used to export manual data entries, statistical calculations, data collected from Google Forms, reports stored in Google Sheets, and various other kinds of existing spreadsheet data.

Clarify makes it easy to visualize, explore, and share knowledge around time-series data. 

Clarify simplifies the access to data for everyone with an intuitive, engaging interface and rich collaboration capabilities that allow teams to add context and share knowledge about the data in real time. 

Here’s how Clarify helps users to explore and organize their data: 

  • Organize your data in timelines;
  • Easily zoom in to see the details or zoom out to get the complete picture of your data;
  • Find all your data signals in the signal viewer;
  • Use the time selector to get statistics for a selected period of time;
  • Use the time selector to easily export data for a selected period of time.

Additionally, Clarify has the following data sharing and collaboration capabilities: 

  • Add comments and notes to your data;
  • Share timelines with people across your organization;
  • Tag your colleagues in comments;
  • Add files and pictures to your timeline;
  • Get the latest comments and updates across your timelines in the Activity feed.

About Google Sheets 

Google Sheets is a free, web-based spreadsheet application by Google, compatible with Microsoft Excel file formats. It allows users to create and edit spreadsheet files online, and to collaborate on the same file with others in real time. All the changes are tracked and saved in a revision history. 

Google Sheets is a part of Google Docs Editors suite, which also includes Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites, and Google Keep. This solution is also a part of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) suite for enterprise use. 

Google Sheets is available on multiple platforms: as a browser web application, as a desktop app on Google's Chrome OS, and as a mobile app for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry. 

History of Google Sheets 

Google Sheets was launched in 2006. This product has originated from XL2Web, a web-based spreadsheet tool developed by 2Web Technologies. In 2006, following the acquisition of 2Web Technologies, Google renamed it as Google Labs Spreadsheets and launched the tool in a testing mode, available for a limited number of users at the time.

In 2010, after Google acquired DocVerse, a developer of online document collaboration solutions that allowed multiple users to collaborate on files in Excel-compatible documents (as well as other Microsoft Office formats), its features were integrated into Google Spreadsheets. 

Another piece of technology that became a part of Google Spreadsheets was Quickoffice, a freeware proprietary productivity suite for mobile devices, acquired by Google in 2012. 

In 2012, Google renamed the product from Google Spreadsheets to Google Sheets and made it part of its Google Docs Editors suite.

Clarify add-on for Google Sheets

Google Sheets add-on by Clarify is available for free on Google Workspace Marketplace. After installing the add-on, just open a new or existing file in Google Sheets and go to the Add-on menu, where you should find the Clarify add-on icon.

The Google Sheets add-on by Clarify can be used in multiple scenarios. Here are some examples of how you can utilize this tool:

  • Export manual data entries to Clarify;
  • Export data collected from Google Forms;
  • Export your existing spreadsheet data;
  • Collaborate on manual data input and export the data;
  • Export statistical calculations from Google Sheets;
  • Export reports stored in Google Sheets to Clarify.

The Clarify add-on makes it easy to combine data from several columns in a spreadsheet, performing calculations or statistical operations and sending the results to Clarify for visualization and analysis.

Why integrate with Clarify?

  • Search - let people on your team easily find data across siloed systems - always available on their phone or in the browser
  • Visualize - See trends and combine data to visually explore
  • Explore - See statistics and seamlessly move from millisecond detail to years worth of data
  • Export - Combine data sources and easily export to Excel for further data work
  • Annotate/label - Add meaning and context to your data by labeling both points and periods in time, to build training sets for your AI/ML efforts
  • Contextualize - Ensure naming, labeling, and metadata is of high quality
  • Cloud Storage - one safe space for your raw time series data built for cost-efficient speed and performance at scale
  • Integrate - break down your data silos and build one source of truth
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android - make data easily available for your team, whenever and wherever they are. Fuel a remote work culture with live data.
  • Collaboration - share visualizations and discuss data with comments, threads and the activity feed. Add files for even more context.



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