Organize and explore data

Easily find all your data signals and timelines with Clarify's intuitive search and filter functionality.

Drag and drop to organize data the way it makes sense to you. Set up your timelines to follow an asset, a process or production from day to day. Or use timelines to investigate your data and get answers fast and easy.

Seamlessly dive into millisecond detail or zoom out to see years worth of data to get the complete picture. See historical, real-time data, and predictions at the same time. Explore and interact with your data like never before.

Use Clarify's time selector to understand more. Explore time periods or interesting patterns in your data. Get statistics, export data and do benchmarking, fast and easy.

Collaborate and share knowledge

Comments lets you discuss data whenever, wherever. Add comments to ask questions, add context, give clarity or get help. Share insights with your team to make domain expertise common knowledge.

Share timelines with your team to collaborate on understanding what the data tells you. Collaborate beyond colleagues by inviting external parties safely.

With @-mentions you and your colleagues can stay up to data and the pulse of your operations. Use notifications to keep everyone in the loop and direct attention where it is needed.

Need to add more context to your data? Easily share files, reports, and pictures to your timeline.

Bring your data to life with Clarify tools

Stay up to date on the pulse of your operations with the Clarify activity feed. One never-ending stream of comments, AI-powered insights, and events across your organization.

Upcoming feature: Make your data talk to you. Set up your own notifications to stay ahead of the game with thresholding, anomaly detection, behavior change, and so on.

Easily export all your data to get more value. Directly to Excel or via the Clarify SDK or API. Connect to dashboards or PowerBI with our built-in connectors.

We're just getting started

We are constantly improving and evolving Clarify with new functionality and new tools, so you can get even more value out of your industrial data.

Improved integration tools

Giving you increased control over all your integrations and signals.

Self-service applied AI tools

Helping you forecast the future, direct attention where it is needed, and always stay ahead of the game.

Insights from companies already using Clarify

Clarify helps people, teams and organizations turn data into value, every day. Understand how by reading our customers stories.

Customer stories

Make time-series data work for you with Neuron and Clarify

Go from raw industrial time-series data to collaboration in less than one day with Neuron and Clarify
On board a Cflow boat looking towards the ocean.

Cflow brings maritime data to life, powered by Clarify

Cflow uses Clarify to gather data from ships from Tasmania, via Norway to Chile. To improve ship performance, operations, maintenance, and enable fleet management.
Man working on machine while colleague looks at data on iPad

Orkel turns machine data into value with Clarify

Orkel uses Clarify to innovate and get more value from their machine data. Making data a natural tool for both end customers and internal domain experts.

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