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The world consists of two types of people: those who provide data, and those who receive it. We want to connect the two.

System integrator benefits
Revenue from managed hosted services
Recurring revenue from software distribution
Advise end customer in problem solving through data collaboration
Act as a trusted partner for integrations and implementation
End customer benefits
Increased professional interaction in teams connected with industrial data
Time series data always available through native mobile apps
Become data driven with powerful visualizations & data exploration features
Break organizational data silos through collaboration without vendor lock-in

Supercharge industrial data with social context and interaction

Integrate with SCADA, historians, IoT gateways and any time series data source through for example Node-Red, MQTT and OPC-UA. Increase the usage of your customers industrial data by enabling data exploration and collaboration, without interfering with critical system infrastructure.

Versatile Data Integrations

We are bridging the IT/OT gap from the OT side. We’ve developed multiple ways to integrate with Clarify including Node-Red, OPC-UA, MQTT and many more. A head start with integrations allows more time for development.

Powerful Tools for Your Customers

Give your clients a unique place to explore and collaborate around industrial data. Powerful visualizations with built in social capabilities, the entire workforce will get the best foundation for faster data-driven decisions.

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5 out of 5 start rating

“For our customers, actionable data means that they can talk to other people with data”
- Australian System Integrator

5 out of 5 start rating

“Clarify is a key component in our tech stack to improve our customer’s digitization and automation processes" - Norwegian System Integrator

Commonly asked questions

Why should I introduce Clarify to my customers?

Clarify enables industrial teams to interact with each other connected to actual data and become data-driven in daily activities. We provide data storage and powerful visualizations together with native mobile apps so data can be consumed and enriched on a daily basis, by everyone.

Why is Clarify focusing on System Integrators?

We have seen that system integrators are trusted partners for the end customers. System integrators play a pivotal role in combining hardware, software and services for the end customer. We want to help both the end customer and our partners to strengthen their usage of time series data every day.

Who should apply to be a Clarify Partner?

We are looking for established companies who understand the complexity of bringing industrial data to the cloud. In addition, we are looking for partners who are interested in developing their service portfolios with software offerings. You must believe that people are the ones who make data valuable.

How does Clarify support System Integrators?

In addition to revenue share, we offer solid onboarding for our partners by professionals who understand the industrial world. We will also support you with your first integrations and help onboard your customers as well. We hope to grow together.

Still have questions?

We are looking to grow internationally together with partners. Let’s start by getting to know each other and proving that Clarify will be a good fit for your customers in your market.

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