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Azure IoT (Microsoft Azure)

Azure IoT is a platform for connecting, storing, and analyzing data from field devices

Azure IoT is a platform with a number of Microsoft-managed cloud services that allow organizations to connect, monitor, and control various IoT assets. Azure IoT provides hosting for all kinds of IoT solutions, as well as connecting, storing and analyzing data from field devices. Supporting connections to data loggers and other types of edge equipment from a range of manufacturers, Azure IoT is a flexible solution for organizations looking to move their IoT process data to the cloud.

Thanks to our flexible input APIs, Clarify can be easily connected to Azure IoT, providing a cost-efficient and simple way of getting value from the time series IoT data sent to Azure IoT platform.

Clarify makes it easy to visualize time series data from your IoT network, access it on web and mobile devices, as well as sharing data to other people. With Clarify, your organization can focus on key business goals instead of configuring dashboards or developing expensive custom solutions.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure, originally released as Windows Azure, is Microsoft's public cloud computing platform that provides a range of cloud services, such as cloud computing, storage, communication, data management, content delivery network (CDN), development automation, etc. 

The project to develop a public cloud computing platform emerged in 2005, after Microsoft acquired Groove Networks. Ray Ozzie, the founder of Groove, became the head of this project in Microsoft as a CTO, working directly under Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates. Windows Azure Platform was officially released in 2010. In 2014, Windows Azure was renamed to Microsoft Azure.

In total, Microsoft Azure platform offers more than 600 services that are powered thanks to large-scale virtualization at multiple Microsoft data centers around the globe. Besides IoT, Microsoft Azure hosts a number of other services designed to simplify the implementation of innovative technologies via cloud services. Some of the most notable ones are Azure AI, a set of tools and ML (machine learning) frameworks for quick development of AI-based services, Azure Blockchain Workbench for the creation of blockchain applications, and Azure Orbital, a service that allows organizations using satellite data to directly connect their satellites to the cloud. 

About Azure IoT platform

Azure IoT platform encompasses a variety of products and services, such as Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Edge, Azure Digital Twins, Azure Percept, Azure Sphere, Windows for IoT, and Azure RTOS. 

Azure IoT Hub

Azure IoT Hub enables reliable communication between IoT solutions and devices they manage. The service provides a cloud-hosted back end that allows connecting virtually any device to an application. Includes features such as per-device authentication, built-in device management, and scaled provisioning.

Azure IoT Central

Azure IoT Central is a solution designed for accelerated creation and expansion of IoT assets at scale. Azure IoT Central provides users with the IoT plug-and-play app for simple device interactions. The app incorporates an open modeling language for seamless device-to-cloud integration, which helps to reduce the time and effort required for the development of an IoT solution. 

Azure IoT Edge

Azure IoT Edge is a fully managed service built on top of Azure IoT Hub that allows users to move the data from the cloud to local IoT edge devices.

Azure Digital Twins

Azure Digital Twins is a service that allows organizations to create a virtual copy of a physical environment, modelling the relationships between devices, people, and various objects. Correlating data across a digital model and physical world helps companies to build and test contextually aware solutions.

Why integrate with Clarify?

  • Search - let people on your team easily find data across siloed systems - always available on their phone or in the browser
  • Visualize - See trends and combine data to visually explore
  • Explore - See statistics and seamlessly move from millisecond detail to years worth of data
  • Export - Combine data sources and easily export to Excel for further data work
  • Annotate/label - Add meaning and context to your data by labeling both points and periods in time, to build training sets for your AI/ML efforts
  • Contextualize - Ensure naming, labeling, and metadata is of high quality
  • Cloud Storage - one safe space for your raw time series data built for cost-efficient speed and performance at scale
  • Integrate - break down your data silos and build one source of truth
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android - make data easily available for your team, whenever and wherever they are. Fuel a remote work culture with live data.
  • Collaboration - share visualizations and discuss data with comments, threads and the activity feed. Add files for even more context.



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