New updates & improvements to Clarify.

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Improved UI for visualizations

We've improved how a visualizations menu is shown in the timeline view. It's now easier to find the button to open the menu, as well as seeing if a visualization has a name or not.

Threshold menu

The menu for configuring thresholds used to be available on both items and visualizations. This could lead to some confusing situations as there was no clear way to distinguish them on the graph. Now the setting is only available on visualizations, and the design of the settings menu has been improved to make it easier to set color and name.

Quick navigation in timelines

This feature was added a while back but hasn't been properly announced until now. For longer timelines, it can sometimes be hard to navigate vertically. Now, instead of scrolling through the timeline, you can open the right-hand navigation menu and click the name of a visualization to jump to it. The timeline will scroll to the correct position and even flash the name of the visualization you clicked to make it easy to spot!