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Introducing Calculations in Boards

Calculations bring "spreadsheet" like formulas, conditional logic and ad hoc analysis to Clarify Boards. Say goodbye to copy-pasting and manual input to stay up to date.

Unlike spreadsheets, Calculations let you easily construct your formula with visualized steps so that you are less likely get lost in complexity. Verify the validity of your calculation as you go.

You'll find most of the formulas you already know such as SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MIN, MAX, IF and many more. Combined with conditional logic you have the power to enrich your data like never before. It's time to move your spreadsheets to a better home.

Here's some use-cases we have already seen from our customers:

ESG reporting

CO2 emission calculations

Price-based calculations

Fuel and energy consumption


Production line uptime

Percentage of scrap pieces


Daily distribution of machine running / not running / error


Days left of material based on current consumption

Trigger notifications with the Clarify Evaluate API

Use no-code/low-code solutions to send messages to Microsoft Teams or similar when certain conditions happen

Check out our Board documentation for more details.

Use Calculations to create your own OEE overview
Example of calculations in Clarify