New updates & improvements to Clarify.

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MQTT Broker

After weeks of testing, we are happy to announce that our MQTT Broker interface is available to all customers. You can now connect any device or software with MQTT support to Clarify in order to start logging and visualizing data. Head on over to our documentation to get started!

Clarify now provides an MQTT Broker interface.

Sparkplug B

With the release of our MQTT Broker interface also comes support for Sparkplug B. Compatible devices can now stream both data and meta-data directly into Clarify, significantly reducing the time and effort required to get started.

Sparkplug B support makes it easier than ever to add data to Clarify.


We just launched our new Golang SDK. Currently it only supports writing data to Clarify, but support for querying data is coming as well! Read more about it in our documentation or check out the Github repository.

Other fixes and improvements