Learn how Eide Fjordbruk uses Clarify to collaborate around data in real-time

June 2, 2021
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Eide Fjordbruk use Clarify to combine historical, real-time data, predictions and human knowledge to improve fish feeding. Giving remote teams one common place to discuss data, learn and improve operations, together.

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The goal: improve fish feeding by combining data with human knowledge

Feeding fish is one of the most important tasks in fish farming, and is a widely and passionately discussed topic among farmers. Feed is increasingly expensive and as sites get bigger, it is harder to optimize growth and minimize waste. For sustainable aquaculture, reducing waste of feed and ensuring optimal growth is crucial. Fish appetite is also a vital indicator of changed in fish health or environmental factors that it is important to detect as early as possible.

Streaming data from various sources can help people understand and improve feeding operations, while human expertise and experience is needed to adapt to constant changes and choose optimal feeding strategies for every site.

Feeding fish might sound like a straightforward task, but it is in fact a complex optimization problem combining biology, fish behavior, global environmental effects, company strategy, economical KPIs, local environmental variations and so on.
Feeding and raising healthy fish takes a collaborative effort

The challenge: Integrating multiple siloed data sources and making human insight easily available for feeding teams in real-time

Valuable data that can help people understand more of their feeding operations is already generated by various systems. But data exists in silos (not feed silos) and on different formats, making both human and machine analysis time consuming and work intensive. It is too hard to use data to monitor operations in real time, to learn from historical data and predict the future, leading to valuable data being wasted.

Feeding is most often a team effort and experienced personell have insight that is crucial to feed efficiently, while keeping oversight of fish health and behavior. But this valuable insight is often lost in meetings, phone calls and endless e-mail threads. To improve, the fundamental challenge is to combine data and human knowledge and make it available and useful for feeding teams.

Fish farmers have been doing remote team work for years. Clarify helps bring teams and data closer together.

The solution: Clarify makes data available for everyone and improves the way day-to-day collaboration is done in timelines

Salmo Salar

Clarify gathers data from all relevant sources into one interface, always available on mobile and  web. This makes real-time data from feeding control systems, environmental data from weather and oceanographic sensors, biological and economical data from enterprise systems and so on easily available for everyone on the feeding team. Clarify's unique timeline visualization makes it easy to combine historical, real-time data and forecasts in one interface. By combining live process data with economical predictions and feeding plans, everyone can see if goals are met or not.

Ultimately people discuss and share knowledge on why or why not goals are met, and which actions are needed to improve. Is it faulty equipment or changes in fish behavior that is the cause? This is hard for a sensor to capture, but a domain expert can provide the necessary knowledge and context to data. By collaborating around data, knowledge grows throughout the organization and availability on both web and mobile transforms how teams work and collaborate onsite and remote.

With Clarify we can monitor all the data in real-time, learn from the past and predict the future. And at the same time share experience and perspectives on what strategy to choose to improve day-by-day.
Clarify adds context, knowledge and collaboration to industrial data.

The effects: Better collaboration around feeding operations

Increased collaboration and knowledge sharing around live data

Gathering data and insight in one place, and in connection with data makes it easier to learn from each other and make domain expertise common knowledge. Helping feeding teams move from report-driven and hindsight, to real-time decision making and foresight.

Lowering the threshold to use data to understand operations for everyone

Easy overview, all the time, for everyone involved gives increased transparency and ownership to operations.

Live benchmarking of sites and cages, to detect challenges earlier

Easy access to live-data makes it easier to detect deviations and take appropriate mitigating actions for management.

Do you want to understand how Clarify might help your business or go through this case in more detail? Request a demo and we'll get back to you shortly.

Learn more about Eide Fjordbruk here.


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