Cutting costs by 30% and saving energy with OT-data

November 24, 2023
3 min read

How can we spend less money on energy, while maintaining an enjoyable office environment? With energy prices at an all time high, this was the big question in the Clarify office last winter. By combining data from the building automation systems already in place with new IoT sensors in Clarify, we were able to significantly reduce our spend without compromising comfort.  

Connecting disconnected systems  

As with many buildings, our office does not have one unified control system. Lights, heating, and ventilation all live their separate lives and go about their business without much concern for the other. So what can you do to optimise operations when you can't control systems all together and you're on a tight budget? 

Easy access to data is of the essence

Using data to learn and form strategies

We had a hunch that the ventilation and heating systems weren't operating and collaborating optimally, but didn't have any data to back it up.

We decided to do a quick experiment by connecting to the existing industrial control systems in the building and adding low-cost IoT sensors from Meshtech to get a better data foundation on the actual conditions in every room. By combining this with with live energy consumption data from the HAN-port on our energy meter and power prices from Nordpools public API, we quickly got a much better factual foundation to work from when pulling it all together in Clarify.

Screenshot of Clarify - data and discussions

From data to action - seeing is believing

By combining data from previously disconnected systems, we quickly were able to visually confirm that the heating and ventilation systems were indeed working against each other.

Just by visually exploring data we were able form a better regulation strategy and fine tune the behaviour of both heating and ventilation to work in unison. With the use of IoT sensors we were also able to document the effect on every room, making sure that our office would still be an enjoyable place to work.

With minimum cost and all in a few days work, we now have digitalised legacy systems and can be alerted as soon as there are any deviations. With live overview of how much we spend on energy, we're even able to adjust our usage accordingly.

Cutting costs, saving energy, increasing comfort


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