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June 2, 2021
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Eide Fjordbruk uses Clarify to give remote teams the opportunity to explore data and share knowledge in real-time. By bringing fish farmers, veterinarians, biologists, technical personell and management together around live data, Clarify helps everyone stay up to date, learn and contribute to improve production.

Eide Fjordbruk location overview.

The goal: digitalizing aquaculture to improve and innovate faster

Eide Fjordbruk is a family owned fish farming company with ten sites in Western Norway. As one of the first companies in the world to try out a new production concept called Tubenet, they aim to combat one of the biggest challenges in the industry, namely sea lice.

Fish farming has undergone massive technology innovation related to hardware and equipment, but from a data-perspective there is still room for improvement and better use of data being generated.

With the Tubenet-project Eide Fjordbruk was keen on understanding and learning from data generated in real-time, with key questions to answer being: 

"Fish farming is all about constant learning, improvement and innovation. Every day we test new technology and do hands on development at our farms" Erlend Eide, CTO in Eide Fjordbruk.
Site with 7 tubenet pens, generating valuable data for better operations, improvement of technical installations and reducing sea lice pressure

The Challenge: making industrial data from multiple sources easily available for exploration and collaboration

Fish farming generates a lot of data, ranging from biological, environmental and technical to economical parameters. Everything is interconnected and to understand the whole you have to understand the parts. As in most industries, data exists in siloed systems and formats. Ranging from process control to Excel sheets, a fundamental challenge is to put data to use for both human and machine analysis.

For this specific case the main challenge was to combine and use data from existing sources, as well as a range of new sensors installed to better understand and improve this novel production concept. The technical challenge of gathering data is one part of it, while making it easily available and understandable for domain expert analysis is another. When dealing with innovation there are seldom easy answers, and a combination of data and domain expertise is needed to succeed.

The solution: using Clarify to integrate data sources and give domain experts easy access to explore and understand data

We believe the key to success is making data easily available, so that people can focus on making necessary analysis and improvements to technical installations and operations.

A fish pen with a "tube" inside to prevent sea lice outbreaks

Eide Fjordbruk has previously installed Clarify across all sites and adding more sensors and instrumentation from the Tubenet project was a vital part in understanding the dynamics and capturing enough data to learn from. With Clarify already in place these new sensors were quickly integrated and combined with existing data sources. Meaning less time and resources needed to turn data into value.

Clarify timelines played a key role in making it easy to explore, combine and understand data from multiple sources, to test hypothesis, learn from historical data and monitor operations in real time to make necessary adjustments. Timelines also makes it easy for remote teams to follow the process from afar, discuss and collaborate with people onsite to get necessary context to truly understand the data.

With Clarify we have easy access to data and can share knowledge around that data to collaborate on figuring out what works, together. Clarify gives us the opportunity to act on facts, faster than before.
Erlend Eide, CTO, EFB 

The effect: Faster innovation and better results

Easy access to explore and collaborate around industrial data

One common interface for everyone from farmer to top management to explore, collaborate and share knowledge around data. Making it easy for everyone to contribute with their expertise, to discover problems to solve and opportunities to improve.

All data in one place - to document and ensure traceability

By gathering enough data EFB was able to document that the system worked as intended, performing applied R&D at commercial scale with in-house expertise.

Using data to support and improve hardware innovation

Data was also used to understand how to improve set up of Tubenet for the next installation - enabling EFB to perform product development and improve operations on the fly.

Using data to improve operations

EFB used data to discover operational conditions at the test site with increased chance of sea lice outbreaks and was able improve set up and operations to counter these threats.  The next step will be using this insight to make better forecasting and training of ML/AI for this specific site.

Do you want to understand how Clarify might help your business or go through this case in more detail? Request a demo and we'll get back to you shortly.


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