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Aquatic solutions for fish tracking and fish farming

InnovaSea Systems designs and produces technologically advanced aquatic solutions for fish tracking, fish farming, and various open-ocean aquaculture businesses. The company provides a cloud-based aquaculture monitoring software platform that supports easy export of data collected by InnovaSea solutions to other platforms, such as Clarify. 

Aquatic solutions by InnovaSea collect large amounts of data, which is stored in the cloud and can be easily exported to third-party solutions such as Clarify for easy access, advanced analysis and collaboration.

About InnovaSea Systems company 

InnovaSea Systems is based in Boston, the United States. The company was established in 2015 as a result of a merger between OceanSpar LLC and Ocean Farm Technologies, two US-based providers of aquaculture solutions. 

In 2019, InnovaSea Systems acquired Vemco and HTI, two developers of advanced acoustic telemetry tools. Their technologies were integrated into InnovaSea’s fish tracking solutions. 

According to InnovaSea Systems, the company is in the process of developing a fully integrated open-ocean farming platform that will present aquaculture businesses with accelerated research and development capabilities, as well as advanced support for responsible aquaculture operations in the open ocean.

InnovaSea Systems products 

InnovaSea positions themselves as a supplier of full end-to-end solutions for fish farming and aquatic species research, which includes software platforms, equipment and consulting services.

Some of InnovaSea’s main hardware products are open ocean aquaculture feeding systems, submersible aquaculture systems, fish tracking solutions, acoustic transmitters and receivers, dataloggers, hydrophones, acoustic release solutions, and environmental sensors for monitoring various parameters like water temperature, dissolved oxygen, salinity, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, turbidity, etc. The company also provides various land-based aquaculture equipment, as well as monitoring and control systems. 

InnovaSea’s monitoring and control systems 

InnovaSea also provides automated monitoring and control systems with advanced monitoring and instant alerts. The monitoring system is able to keep track of parameters such as dissolved oxygen levels, temperature, salinity, carbon dioxide concentration and pH balance. Automated controls enable the system to inject oxygen at critical moments to maintain an optimum rearing environment and prevent the fish from dying in case of emergency such as power failure (for land-based equipment). 

Additionally, Innovasea offers a line of hand-held equipment for monitoring and control of important water quality factors. Constant monitoring allows for the data to be graphed, and alerts can be sent to operators when a reading falls outside certain parameters. 

InnovaSea’s cloud-based software 

InnovaSea provides a cloud-based software platform for various aquaculture monitoring activities. The software allows users to get instant access to multiple aspects of fish farm operations with real-time data updates. 

One distinctive feature of InnovaSea’s software solution is plankton monitoring. The plankton monitoring software module enables users to store, analyze and aggregate physical measurements of algae and zooplankton, and creates visualizations that track what kinds of plankton are appearing, where they’re showing up and at what density levels. This makes it possible to analyze historical trends and compare them to existing environmental conditions.

Why integrate with Clarify?

  • Search - let people on your team easily find data across siloed systems - always available on their phone or in the browser
  • Visualize - See trends and combine data to visually explore
  • Explore - See statistics and seamlessly move from millisecond detail to years worth of data
  • Export - Combine data sources and easily export to Excel for further data work
  • Annotate/label - Add meaning and context to your data by labeling both points and periods in time, to build training sets for your AI/ML efforts
  • Contextualize - Ensure naming, labeling, and metadata is of high quality
  • Cloud Storage - one safe space for your raw time series data built for cost-efficient speed and performance at scale
  • Integrate - break down your data silos and build one source of truth
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android - make data easily available for your team, whenever and wherever they are. Fuel a remote work culture with live data.
  • Collaboration - share visualizations and discuss data with comments, threads and the activity feed. Add files for even more context.



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