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Netatmo is a consumer electronics company that manufactures a number of IoT-connected smart home devices

Netatmo is a consumer electronics company that manufactures a number of IoT-connected smart home devices. Netatmo’s main products include a smart home weather station, security cameras, smart smoke detector, and air quality monitor.

About Netatmo company 

Netatmo was founded in 2011 in France by a high-tech industry experts duo—Fred Potter and Jean-Pierre Dumolard—with a goal to design and manufacture smart home devices that would fully utilize the benefits of connectivity and innovative technologies.

Netatmo’s first product was Smart Home Weather Station, launched in 2012. Over the next several years, the company raised funds from a number of investors, which allowed it to launch a number of new products to the market, as well as expanding the distribution. A Smart Thermostat and Smart Indoor Module, an augmenting accessory to the Smart Home Weather Station, were launched in 2013. The company released Smart Rain Gauge, another extension to its smart weather solution, in 2014. 

Netatmo also entered into partnership agreements with several large manufacturers of industrial equipment and construction materials, such as VELUX and Legrand, developing smart features that were incorporated into some of their products. 

In 2018 Netatmo was acquired by Legrand, a multibillion French industrial group. As a result of the deal, the company merged with Legrand’s smart home division. The newly created company continues to operate under the Netatmo brand name. 

Netatmo’s products 

The company’s first smart home device, Smart Home Weather Station, remains its main and most popular product line. Over the years Netatmo has released three accessories designed to augment the Smart Home Weather Station with new functions: Smart Rain Gauge, Smart Anemometer and Additional Smart Indoor Module.

Smart Home Weather Station

The purpose of the Smart Home Weather Station and its accessories is to measure, analyse, and understand the user’s indoor and outdoor environment to help them adapt their daily life and optimise comfort at home. The Weather Station's Indoor Module is focused on measuring various indicators related to the indoor environment, such as temperature, humidity, air quality, ventilation warning, sound level, etc. The system relies on a number of sensors to gather the data and sends users alerts notifying them about the need to let some fresh air in or make other changes. 

The Weather Station's wireless Outdoor Module provides users with access to real-time weather data gathered by the outdoor sensors, including temperature, humidity, air quality, barometric pressure and various other parameters. 

Due to high consumer demand from its smart weather stations, Netatmo was able to build the world’s largest smart home weather stations network able to supply the system with ultra-local weather information across more than 170 countries. 

Netatmo Weathermap is an open source project that displays a global map with weather information, such as temperatures, wind and levels of rainfall, based on the data shared by Natatmo’s home weather station users. 

Smart cameras 

In 2015-2016 Netatmo launched two versions of its smart surveillance camera devices, for indoor and outdoor applications. The indoor camera is equipped with facial recognition technology that allows it to alert users when an intruder is detected. The outdoor camera, designed for placement outside of the user's home, is also able to identify security breaches of various kinds with a number of in-built technologies such as motion detection. The camera utilizes machine vision algorithms that allow it to distinguish different moving objects like people, animals, cars and other devices. 

Additional products 

Netatmo’s product line also includes a number of additional smart home devices. Smart Thermostat was designed to help users to conserve the energy spent on heating their homes. Smart Radiator Valves, which come as an accessory to the Smart Thermostat, are used to control the home temperature in each room individually. 

Smart Anemometer measures wind direction and speed, Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a device designed to analyse temperature, humidity, noise and CO² level at home, helping users to create a healthy environment. Smart Smoke Alarm is able to detect fire and smoke, alerting users in real-time.

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