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Thelma Biotel

Acoustic telemetry products for use in research and monitoring in the submerged environment

Thelma Biotel designs and manufactures a range of acoustic telemetry products for use in research and monitoring of the submerged environment. The company also provides tracking and data collection software that can be integrated with third-party solutions like Clarify for advanced visualization and analysis.

Thelma Biotel’s products allow quick and effortless export of data thanks to automatic detection of connections in ComPort and built-in Bluetooth and/or support of USB data transfer in its hardware. This is why data from Thelma Biotel’s platform can be easily transferred to Clarify, providing a cost-efficient and simple way of getting value from it.

Clarify makes it easy to visualize time series data from your industrial solutions network, access it on web and mobile devices, as well as sharing data to other people. With Clarify, your organization can focus on key business goals instead of configuring dashboards or developing expensive custom solutions.

About Thelma Biotel company 

Thelma Biotel traces its history back to the early 1970s, when Norwegian aquaculture researchers Holand, Mohus, and Balchen started developing acoustic transmitters for fish field studies and equipment for fisheries in collaboration with and based on technologies developed by SINTEF research company and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). 

In 2002, the work done in the scientific and university environment at NTNU and SINTEF was finally commercialised as a company named Thelma. In 2008, Thelma Biotel spun off as a separate company focused on delivering solutions for acoustic telemetry and products related to wireless monitoring in the submerged environment.

Thelma Biotel’s products 

Thelma Biotel develops a wide range of acoustic telemetry products for applications in research and monitoring in the submerged environment. The company also offers modular platforms with custom software and hardware options to fit multiple different purposes. 

Talking about specific products, Thelma Biotel produces acoustic receivers of various kinds, as well as transmitters. Thelma Biotel’s transmitters are developed for different studies on aquatic species and submerged equipment. The standardized transmitters are produced in four main capsule diameters: 6.3 mm, 7.3 mm, 9 mm, 12.7 mm, and 16 mm. Transmitter lengths depend on the possible addition of sensors, output power and the desired active lifetime. They can support sensors providing measurements for depth, temperature, acceleration (activity), inclination (tilt angle), conductivity in freshwater, and salinity in salt or brackish water. 

Thelma Biotel also provides custom engineering services in the acoustic telemetry niche, including the development of customer specified acoustic transmitters, development of tailor-made firmware for acoustic receivers, development of special codes or transmits of sensor data, consulting on deployment and equipment selection, etc.  

When it comes to software solutions, Thelma Biotel provides a platform called ComPort for monitoring and control of equipment, as well as tracking and data analysis. ComPort includes flexible receiver configuration options that allow users to configure the receiver listening frequency, automatic clock synchronization, logging interval, and other parameters. The configuration can be saved as a project setting for quick scaling to multiple receivers. If a receiver does not comply with the project settings, ComPort sends a notification, allowing users to make changes prior to deployment.

ComPort also incorporates multiple data tracking features and supports easy export of data to third-party systems like Clarify.

Why integrate with Clarify?

  • Search - let people on your team easily find data across siloed systems - always available on their phone or in the browser
  • Visualize - See trends and combine data to visually explore
  • Explore - See statistics and seamlessly move from millisecond detail to years worth of data
  • Export - Combine data sources and easily export to Excel for further data work
  • Annotate/label - Add meaning and context to your data by labeling both points and periods in time, to build training sets for your AI/ML efforts
  • Contextualize - Ensure naming, labeling, and metadata is of high quality
  • Cloud Storage - one safe space for your raw time series data built for cost-efficient speed and performance at scale
  • Integrate - break down your data silos and build one source of truth
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android - make data easily available for your team, whenever and wherever they are. Fuel a remote work culture with live data.
  • Collaboration - share visualizations and discuss data with comments, threads and the activity feed. Add files for even more context.



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